“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

At the Centre for Life, we would like to draw attention to a number of concerns surrounding the legalization of euthanasia, specifically:

  • Should so called “mercy killing” be offered as a solution to suffering? The notion of suffering can be extended to many unfortunate but natural aspects of life, including pain, aging, and mental or physical challenges. The potential for this “solution” to be extended to social ills, rising health costs and cost containment is not outside the realm of possibility.
  • Public sanctioning of euthanasia and assisted suicide (as in other parts of the world) has led to increased use of euthanasia, including cases without consent, through circumvention of the law, and abuse of the vulnerable.
  • Focus on advancing palliative care and pain management methods should be pursuedas a means of relieving pain and suffering.
  • The medical community need more instruction and the public needs a healthier understanding regarding palliative care and effective pain control.
  • Depression is often a factor in requests for assisted suicide. Depression is a medical condition and can be diagnosed and treated successfully.  Requests for assisted suicide should be seen as a call for help.

For more information, contact us for brochures provided by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition