Whether you are considering adoption as a plan for your baby or creating a family through adoption, we are so glad that you have found the Centre for Life website. We have had the pleasure of adopting our child and becoming a forever family. As foster parents, we have also cared for children until they meet their forever families and were adopted.

If you are pregnant and feel that now if not the time for you to raise a baby, adoption is an option of you and your child. As a birth mom, you have control to make permanent choices for your child. This is a very selfless act where as a mom you place your baby’s needs first. Adoption will ensure your baby finds a ‘forever’ or adoptive family to love and care for them. Adoptions can be open, meaning you can maintain connect with your child and their adoptive family. This may mean you receive letters and pictures from your child or you may choose to have visits with your child and their adoptive family. Adoptions can also be closed, meaning you do not have regular contact with your child. We have an open adoption with our child’s birth family. We have a very caring relationship with his biological parents and siblings and are fortunate to see them regularly. Our son’s biological family love him and have made very selfless decisions to ensure he was cared for as he needed to be.

Being parents is the most rewarding part of our life. We decided early in our relationship that we would like to create a family through adoption. It has been an amazing journey! In order to be an adoptive parent in Newfoundland and Labrador, individuals or couples need to apply through the government department of social services. The intake process is necessarily intensive and the wait can be long, but the end results of becoming a forever family is worth the effort! It takes time for family court to determine if a child will be placed for adoption so please be patient. Once a child is legible for adoption, social workers work as quickly as possible to match a child and adoptive parents. Once you meet your child, the journey of falling in love and growing as a family begins!

If you are in need of counselling to help determine if adoption is the right plan for you and your baby, please contact the Centre for Life. If you are considering adoption as a way of creating a family, we would be more than willing to talk with you about it. Please contact the Centre for Life and they will connect you with us. Through adoption and fostering, we have learned to value the importance of biological families, foster families, and adoptive families in the life of a child.

Sarah and Darrell Critch

If you would like to connect with Sarah and Darrell to learn more about adoption and fostering please email and put adoption or fostering in subject line.

For general information on adoption in NL  visit the government website

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