We live in a society that is dealing with the issue of pornography on an intensity and scale that has never before been seen in the history of the world. Today’s porn can be accessed free and available 24/7 on a device that fits into your pocket. We are living in a world where porn culture is becoming part of everyday life.

Pornography can affect anyone at any age. The National Centre for Sexual Exploitation  is an advocate for social change to protect the dignity of the human person. Pornography use has recently been designated a public health concern Pornography has been shown to be a factor in violence against women as Elizabeth Smart explains in the story of her abduction. On June 5th 2002 fourteen year old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her home while she was sleeping. This is her story;

In the past, Centre for Life has partnered with Fight the New Drug  It is an organization that recognizes the impact and brings awareness through science, research and testimonies.  Fight the New drug also provides online community support to overcome pornography use and addiction.  If you would like to connect with other individuals personally, Newfoundland has a support group for anyone who maybe struggling with pornography .  If you would like info on how to connect with this support group, email

There are various resource links available to provide information to educate, protect and provide support for anyone who is experiencing the negative impact of pornography in their life.

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