Seniors are an integral part of our society’s fabric

Sharing their values, wisdom, traditions, culture, life skills and history with younger generations aids in building vibrant strong communities. The Centre for Life supports our seniors and believe they have incredible potential at any age to pursue their dreams and ambitions as shown by Paul Tasner who became an entrepreneur at age 66

The Centre for Life offers support for seniors to learn about technology which enhances access to information and provides avenues for communication with family and friends. Read More…

The Centre for Life also offers income tax preparation for low income seniors. All of our services are provided free of charge. For inquiries please call the office (709) 579-1500.

We are also happy to let seniors of the province know that the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador will now cover the cost of drivers’ medicals for seniors 75 years of age or older. You can find the form here. Please complete it and send it to the provided address to receive the reimbursement.


The Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador is seeking your help to expand our family support groups to various communities across the province. The family support groups are for caregivers and family to improve the quality of life. These groups provide a safe environment where you can learn, laugh and help each other through mutual understanding. If you are interested in learning more please contact the Alzheimer Society at:

Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador
Tel: (709) 576 0608
Toll Free: 1 877 776 0608

More Information:

Lunch and Learn or Webinar Information
Facilitator Recruitment
Senior-Volunteer Engagement

Engaged and Informed

Education and information is vital to making well-informed decisions and the Centre for Life has various topics of interest for all ages. As our cultural ideology changes, so does society’s perception of aging, its challenges and the value of human life. Below are some topics of interest for seniors to become more engaged and informed.

The Canada Revenue Agency

Canada Revenue provides valuable information to assist seniors in their financial wellbeing.


Seniors need to be aware of fraudulent activity. Canada Revenue also offers some safe guards on protecting yourself from scams.

SeniorsNL is a great organization that offers programs, services and supports. Contact or call toll free 1-800-563-5599 or (709) 737-2337


Highway to Hope Abortion Recovery Counselling

Post-abortion support is offered to women and men whose lives have been touched by abortion. All services are free of charge. The Centre for Life acknowledges the grief that some women experience from an abortion and have responded to this need by offering compassionate, non-judgmental and caring post-abortion recovery counselling to assist in bringing inner peace and healing. To connect with a counsellor, email or call (709)579-3818. Counselling services for men are available as men can also experience unresolved emotional feelings associated with abortion and are in need of support. If you reside outside our service area, counselling support maybe accessed by phone upon request.